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A Letter From The


                                 As the new superintendent of the Haysville Public Schools, it is my pleasure to
                                 introduce  myself  and  to  share  a  few  of  the  fantastic  things  happening  in  our
                                 My wife Cathy and I have been married for 31 years, and have three children:
                                 Sam, Claire, and Luke. We are very proud of our children and enjoy spending
                                 time  with  them.  As  an  educator  for  more  than  25  years,  I  have  worked  as  a
                                 classroom teacher, coach, building administrator, and district level administrator.

                                 I earned a bachelor’s degree from Newman University and a master’s degree
              Jeff Hersh         from Wichita State University. Prior to entering education, I had the pleasure to
            Superintendent       serve as a Kansas State Trooper.
        Students  attending  Haysville  Public  Schools  experience  world-class  learning  opportunities  while

        enjoying all the benefits of living in a small, suburban community. USD 261 has a reputation for being an
        innovative district focused on providing all students access to world-class learning experiences, as well
        as enriching opportunities beyond the classroom.
        Haysville  Public  Schools  is  home  to  three  National  Blue  Ribbon  Schools,  Parents  As  Teachers  Blue
        Ribbon  Affiliation,  the  International  Baccalaureate  Program,  advanced  placement  classes,  as  well  a
        variety  of  career  and  technical  education  programs.  Campus  High  School  is  home  to  a  bank,  coffee

        shop, and t-shirt screening business. Students gain real-world experience while working at Valley State
        Bank, Stompin Grounds Coffee Shop, or Colt Branded. Finally, USD 261’s focus on a relationship-driven
        school  culture  has  resulted  in  the  district  being  a  nationally  recognized  Capturing  Kids'  Hearts
        Showcase school district.

        We hope you will take the time to join us in Haysville, as we believe we are #261derful!

                                                                                          Jeff Hersh

                                  USD 261 Board of Education

                                                                   Haysville  USD  261  is  governed  by  a  school  board  consisting  of
                                                                   seven  members.  The  board’s  powers  and  duties  include  the
                                                                   authority  to  adopt,  enforce  and  monitor  all  policies  for  the
                                                                   management  and  governance  of  the  district’s  schools.  The  BOE
                                                                   convenes every month in open, public meetings to discuss district
                                                                   business and hear citizens’ concerns. An agenda is posted publicly
                                                                   in advance of board meetings. The meeting schedule, along with
                                                                   agendas  and  minutes,  is  available  on  the  district’s  website  at

                                                                   Pictured left to right: (back) Tom Gibson, Jerome Crawford, Jeremy Bennett, Greg Fenster
                                                                   (front) Paige Crum, Jennifer Bain, Dr. Susan Norton
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