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Haysville Public Schools

                                                                                             To support staff through the
                                                                                             systematic development and
                                                                                             implementation of instructional
                                                                                             tools, practices and
                                                                                             technologies to ensure student
               The mission of Haysville
                 Public Schools is the          Mission
                 relentless pursuit of                                                       To recruit, develop, and retain a
                     excellence                                                              high quality workforce


                                                                                             To create and enhance modern,
                The vision of Haysville
              Public Schools is to equip                                                     safe learning facilities to achieve
              learners with 21st century          Vision                                     excellence
              skills to achieve excellence
               in a continually-changing
                       world                                                                 To strengthen community pride
                                                                                             through strategic partnerships

                                                                                             To pursue and develop the
                                                                                             financial resources to support the
                                                                                             goals of the district

           About Our Schools

                                                                            6 Elementary Schools
                                                                   K-5      Enrollment: 2,274

                                                                            2 Middle Schools
                                                                            Enrollment: 1,304

                                                                            1 High School
                                                                  9-12      Enrollment: 1,780
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