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After School


               In an effort to provide after-hours support to all USD 261 students, the Haysville Public
               School District has an After School Academic Support Program to help students with
               academic needs or homework. The After School Academic Support Program is offered

                Monday – Thursday nights, from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

               In order to access this program, students need to be logged into
               their 261 Google account. Once the student is logged into Google,
               they need to go to and type in the following codes
               depending on the student grade level:

                   261Secondary (for students in grades 6-12)

                   261Elementary (for students in grades PreK-5)

               We have teachers in each meet from every grade level and content
               area ready to help our students! They are excited to help!

                                                             Curriculum Adoptions

               This year we completed two curriculum adoptions K-12. Our first adoption was elementary (K-
               5) math. Our adoption team selected iReady math, and schools are currently working to learn

               and teach this new curriculum. iReady comes with a student textbook and online access so
               students can learn from anywhere! Our second adoption was secondary (6-12) science. Our
               adoption team selected a few different resources coming from Savvas & McGraw-Hill. These
               curriculum resources come with classroom sets of books the students can use or check out
               and online access to all materials, so students have access to learning at any time!
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