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Early Childhood

                                                                Haysville  Early  Childhood  provides  a  half-day,  five-
                                                                day-a-week  Pre-Kindergarten  program  for  children
                                                                who  reside  in  the  Haysville  school  district.  The
                                                                majority  of  our  classrooms  are  unified  which  means
                                                                that  general  education  students  and  students  with
                 Parents As                                     exceptionalities  receive  instruction  in  the  same


   What Is Parents As Teachers?

  Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a parent education and
  family  support  program  serving  families  throughout
  pregnancy  until  their  child  reaches  the  age  of  5.
  Parents  are  supported  by  PAT-certified  parent
  educators trained to translate scientific information on
  early  brain  development  into  specific  when,  what,
  how,  and  why  advice  for  families.  By  understanding     To  be  eligible  to  attend  the  program  as  a  general
  what  to  expect  during  each  stage  of  development,       education  student,  the  child  must  have  attended  a
  parents can easily capture the teachable moments in           Count Your Kid In Screening, meet an At-Risk grant
  everyday  life  to  enhance  their  child's  language         criteria, and be three or four years of age on or before
  development, intellectual growth, social development,         August 31. In addition, there are a limited number of
  and motor skills.                                             openings  for  children  aged  four  on  or  before  August

                                                                31 who do not meet the eligibility criteria for either the
                                                                At-Risk or special education program.

                                                                Children who have Individualized Education Plans will
            6             Teachers                              receive  services  in  accordance  with  their  IEP.  Most

                                                                students  either  receive  outpatient  speech  therapy,
                                                                services  in  a  unified  classroom,  or  services  in  a
                                                                special education classroom.
          127             Children Under 5


          676               Personal Visits

           98             Developmental

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