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The Dr. John Burke

               Learning Center

   The  Dr.  John  Burke  Learning  Center  is  a  specialty

   facility  where  in-district  and  out-of-district  staff  can
   utilize  professional  development  opportunities.  The

   DJBLC  was  created  in  July  of  2006  with  a  two-fold
   purpose.  Initially,  the  district  wanted  to  provide
   learning  opportunities  for  all  USD  261  staff  that  are

   interactive,  differentiated,  job-embedded,  sustained,
   and research-based. Secondly,  we wanted to utilize

   the  expertise  of  our  district's  staff  members  as
   presenters  at  our  Learning  Center  since  they  have

   practical suggestions that are used successfully every
   day  in  their  classrooms.  Guests  from  other  districts

   are  of  course  always  welcome  to  attend  any  of  our

   The Dr. John Burke Learning Center offers two state-of-art training rooms that accommodate

   small and large groups, up to 150 people. A computer lab, complete with 30 laptop computers,
   as well as a plush conference room with all the amenities is available. The entire building has

   wireless  connectivity  and  the  training  rooms  contain  ceiling-mounted  projectors  and  sound
   systems. For more information on workshops, or to reserve space, please call (316) 554-2331.
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